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“Exceptional, impressive, experience driven, sensible, ‘user friendly’ and immediately applicable, “Super Commuter Couples” should be considered a “must” for anyone involved in a relationship that includes extended periods of absence from one another — especially when those absences are the result of business or military displacement.”

More and more people are super commuting due to the economy and housing market and this means that Monday through Friday or for weeks at a time, one partner is left at home to raise children alone.  A single parent but not really. Alone but not single.  Typically women, but also men, “empty nesters” and couples without children, find themselves in this role without a network of support or tools for how to navigate this unique lifestyle.   I have both personal and professional experience with this issue and my goal is to be a source of support for others in similar situations via individual or couples therapy to help in navigating this unconventional partnership, whether a road warrior or commuter, that many people may not be able to relate to or understand.

I wrote a book about this phenomenon to be a resource for these families: Super Commuter Couples: Staying Together When a Job Keeps You Apart (Equanimity Press).  Through interviews with 24 people in super commuter relationship, readers get a glimpse inside this lifestyle, learn tips on how to embark on a super commute and what three factors a couple must explore when weighing a super commute, as well as my three mottos for lowering stress.  Therapists and families will also find the chapter discussing the six guidelines for navigating ambiguous loss key in coping with the regular separations.

In addition, I have developed presentations for employees and corporations that share ways to reduce the stress of this lifestyle and also why addressing road warrior wellness is another way for corporations to to attract and retain qualified candidates.  Finally, I created a workshop to educate therapists about working with super commuter clients.

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