There is no “right way” to be in therapy and you may find what you want to explore in session varies. It’s your time to explore what is on your mind and so your session could include conversations about perfectionism, stress management techniques, balancing work and motherhood, self-esteem, expectations of others, life transitions, relationships with family, friends, or co-workers, body image, identifying personal strengths, fear of failure, or whatever feels most helpful in the moment.


Couples work can be challenging, but also a way to strengthen your relationship proactively. As a therapist, my job is to help facilitate these conversations, not to determine “who’s right”. Improving communication, navigating the “re-entry” period, and building a support network are all important topics, especially for super commuter couples, in addition to others challenges such as infidelity and parenting. Therapy isn’t just for the hard times though. It can also be useful for exploring topics such as money, sex, work, and family before issues arise.