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I specialize in supporting clients who are struggling with overwhelm, burnout, or anxiety. I also have unique expertise on the challenges related to road warrior/super commuter work/life balance. Please see the individual pull-down pages for more information.

Are you a stressed-out career-woman, “supermom”, or gifted girl exhausted from the pressure of trying to get everything perfect?

Are you or your partner a Super Commuter meaning your work has you away from home for days or weeks at a time and living a long distance relationship?

Are you used to being able to do everything really well but now are struggling to keep it all together?

Are you highly creative or talented but not pursing your passion?

Are you stressed out from juggling career and family or a stay at home parent who misses their work life?

Are you someone with a “great job”  that leaves them feeling unfulfilled?

What about the person left behind to manage family life while their partner is gone for work for days or weeks at a time? My book Super Commuter Couples: Staying Together When a Job Keeps You Apart addresses the issues these couples face.

I enjoy working with people who have a hard time asking for help and in addition to the therapy and coaching sessions I offer, I also write and speak about burnout, perfectionism, couples who find work demands are keeping them apart, the importance of empathy as a part of leadership, and workplace mental health.

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