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I began my career as a therapist over 17 years ago and am currently in private practice where I offer the following unique specialties: overwhelmed women, perfectionists, and super commuters/road warriors and their spouses.

Individuals may choose to focus on how perfectionism is impacting their lives, self-esteem, relationships, career dissatisfaction, or motherhood. Decreasing fear of failure is a useful goal in these scenarios as is exploring how any of these issues might relate to feelings of anxiety and depression. Topics of exploration in couples therapy sessions might include parenting strategies, the impact of the commuter regularly leaving and returning, resentment, dual career challenges, and stress management techniques.

I view therapy as a safe place to explore relationships, whether those relationships are with people (family, co-workers, partner) or things (food, money, alcohol). I also feel an important part of therapy is addressing the social, economic, and cultural influences on a person and that the process of therapy should be a collaborative one, with the client seen as the “expert” on their life.

I am the author of Super Commuter Couples: Staying Together When A Job Keeps You Apart and speak regularly to business and parent groups and at conferences, presenting on a variety of topics related to the challenges 21st century families face. With a professional career spanning over two decades as a writer, speaker, psychotherapist, and former CPA in addition to being a mother of two and wife of a super commuter, I bring a wide range of knowledge and experience to my practice. I have first-hand experience with the challenges and benefits inherent in a super commuter relationship, relocating across the country, and changing careers. My prior work at 20th Century Fox also brings an awareness of the unique aspects of the entertainment world.

Prior to starting my private practice, my career as a therapist included working in a diverse range of settings: a middle school, a community based mental health center, a teen-to-teen hotline, a rage resolution and tattoo removal non-profit, and a program to train other community mental health professionals. These programs afforded me the opportunity to gain experience working with a variety of issues including abuse, infidelity, self-harm, body and food issues, as well as anxiety, depression, anger, and low self-esteem. I began working with clients in 2002, started my private practice in 2004, obtained my California LMFT license in 2005, and in 2009 I added a Minnesota LMFT license. I also offer consulting and coaching services. You can learn more about those options on the Consulting & Coaching tab here.

In addition to my own writing, I have contributed to articles appearing in Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Profiles in Diversity Journal and SHRM and have been interviewed as an expert by a variety of media outlets including the BBC, the CBS Evening News, Forbes, MarketWatch, and US News & World Report among others. You can find links to those and other interviews on the sidebar.


Specialty Training:

  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Gifted Individuals: Avoiding Common Mistakes & Pitfalls
  • Treating Eating Disorders in Highly Gifted Individuals                                               
  • Depression and Existential Depression in Gifted Individuals
  • Common Misdiagnoses and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults
  • Gifted Children And Gifted Adults: Neglected Areas Of Practice For Psychologists
  • Hoarding Disorder: Effective Approaches to Assessment, Diagnosis, & Treatment
  • SENG-Model (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) Parent Group Facilitator
  • Girls Circle Facilitator Certification
  • Community Gang Counselor Certification                                                                                   

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, 2003, Antioch University Los Angeles

Bachelor of Science in Accounting, minor in Economics, 1996, Minnesota State University-Mankato

Summa cum Laude

College of Business Student of the Year


Minnesota Women in Psychology

Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented (MCGT)

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT)

Minnesota Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (MAMFT)

Team Women MN  (TWMN)

Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA)


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