I have been interviewed as an expert on super commuting, perfectionism, parenting, burnout, workplace mental health, and relationships by a variety of media outlets including the BBC, the CBS Evening News, Huff Post Live, Today, US News & World Report and many others.  Links to those and others can be found below. Looking for expert comments? Contact me at info (at) meganbearce.com.

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5 Tips on Coping With Your Marathon Commute to Work

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Strategies For Adjusting To ‘New Normal’ Of 24/7 Family Togetherness

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Working From Home Now? A Therapist’s Advice on Maintaining Healthy Family Relationships

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Fuel Costs Lower for Airlines, but is it Reaching Consumers?

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The Rise of the Super Commuter Couple

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Super Commuters: An Hours Long Journey to Work

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Super Commuters to the Rescue

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Megan Bearce, LMFT Discusses Her Super Commuter Life and Her Book

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How Raising Kids Within Routines Boosts Social and Emotional Health

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Interview with Rick Brutti

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4 Strategies for Reducing Perfectionism and Overwhelm

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