Need expert comments on super commuting, women’s issues, perfectionism, career burnout, relationship dynamics or other psychology-related topics?

Are you considering embarking on a super commute, but not sure how to decide if it’s a good decision?

Current super commuters: Are you or your family struggling and would like to create strategies for the future?

Is your HR department looking for a speaker or facilitator to improve employee wellness or aid in the goals of employee retention and recruitment?

Are you writing an article, book, screenplay, or television pilot related to a super commute, long distance relationship, or perfectionism?

I am available to speak or consult on these and other topics.  Please refer to my speaking page or contact me directly to discuss specific consulting or coaching services.

PLEASE NOTE: Coaching and consulting are two services that do not involve the diagnosis and/or treatment of a mental health disorder. They are not a substitute for counseling, mental health care, or substance abuse treatment.